Research and Development

R&D activities focus on the coordination of applied research, particularly those that address alleviation of poverty in the communities. Major methodologies applied to accomplish the assignments are: (1) making calls for proposals and providing funds for the work; (2) monitoring progress of the activities, and evaluating impact of R&D outputs on users; (3) conducting workshops; and (4) coordinating the documentation of research findings. AICAD puts emphasis on research proposals which methodologies effectively involve multiple stakeholders, such as: Universities and Research Institutions, the major resources for technology generation and documentation of experience; practicing professionals in various disciplines/sectors, and communities, which possess indigenous knowledge and social experience.



  • Identification of R&D needs of communities and industries
  •  Implementation of R&D activities
  •  Dissemination of R&D outputs to many users
  • Fostering linkage with stakeholders involved in the technology generation to  promotion for poverty reduction

Research Themes:

  • Food Production and Processing
  • Development of Low Cost Housing and Energy Supply
  • Socio-Economic aspects of Development
  • Food Security
  • Development of small and medium scale enterprise
  • Environmental conservation
  • Community Development
  • Water Resource Management and Conservation
  • Health Equity
  • Industrialization Process and Policy Implementation. 

Target Group

  • Community members, such as, farmers and small-medium scale entrepreneurs
  • Transition groups: Local Government authorities, NGOs and CBOs
  • Institutions of higher learning: Universities and other national research systems