PAIKS  was founded with full recognition that information is part and parcel of requirements in human capacity development for poverty reduction in Africa .  In PAIKS  a lot of information is recorded which includes research findings ,  experts profiles ,  Institutions profiles and training themes


The argument is that if information from research work should be made available so that knowledge and technologies therein can be applied to related aspects in community activities whether farming, food preservation, water management etc. In this way information can greatly contribute to poverty reduction and hence socio-economic development.

Information on Institutions profiles and  experts profiles   enables the development agents and communities to know which institutions/ experts carry out what aspect of development and consult them extensively on relevant development aspects for information, expertise, advice and/or support.


More importantly PAIKS aims at collecting and disseminating community information .Community information should bring out communities' own ways of understanding and means employed to combat poverty. This should help to provide a better beginning point for all those agents that seek to help given communities in poverty reduction drive.