Information, Network and Documentation (IN&D)

Information, Network and Documentation (IN&D) Division collects,

processes, stores, retrieves and disseminates information. Information patterns are collected from R&D Division, university research units and other institutions in the region and beyond on causes and effects of poverty and the means of combating it. The processed information is repackaged in various dissemination instruments and used by T&E in training and imparting communities with knowledge and skills necessary for poverty reduction and development.

The division facilitates publication of various documents of the Institute, as well as production and dissemination of audio-visual materials. It runs an electronic/reference library at the Institute, together with information networking and resource sharing with the participating institutions.


  • Make information readily available in appropriate consumable and transferable formats.
  • Repackage information in all possible media for dissemination bearing in mind the conditions of Africa
  • Network the institutions, individual groups and communities and cause information to flow forth and back among all the targets.
  • Disseminate information using all possible media: print, multi-media and training and extension work.
Target groups
  • The academicians in institutions of higher learning and research institutes,
  • The Government departments where information can facilitate planning, decision making and implementation    for poverty reduction and development,
  • The Extension workers who train and facilitate of community members and facilitate implementation in on  poverty reduction and development,
  • The Communities where the information facilitate proper project formulation and implementation for poverty reduction and development.


The division manages the poverty database- Poverty Alleviation Information Knowledge Systems (PAIKS) which facilitates information sharing. The contents of PAIKS are organized from the key areas of information sources: Research Findings, Expert/Professional Profiles, Institutional Profiles and Training Themes from East African region.