Dr. Adalbert Aine-omucunguzi

Uganda Country Office Staff
Assistant Country Director
Highest Qualification: 

Dr. Adalbert Aine-omucunguzi is the Assistant Country Director of the African Institute for Capacity Development (AICAD), Uganda Country Office. He Join AICAD in February 2015. Prior to assuming this position, he worked at Mountains of the Moon University (MMU) and Kabale University (KAB) where he served as the Dean for the School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and Dean Faculty of Science respectively. He served in both Universities at the capacity of Senior Lecturer. Dr. Adalbert holds a BSc.Ed (Bio/Chem.); MSc. (Biology); PhD in Natural Resources Ecology and Management with reference to poverty as a driver of forest resource use. 

He has 8 years experience of University teaching, supervision, research and management.  He has supervised to completion over 40 Undergraduate research projects, 20 Master’s dissertations, published in peer referred journals and has 1 book published by Lambert publishers in Germany. Alongside teaching, Dr. Adalbert headed a VLIR-UOS funded project on Community engagement for development at Mountains of the Moon University and was part of the team that successfully implemented a World Bank funded MSI project of curricular connectedness in Science, Mathematics and Technology at Kabale University.  At AICAD Uganda Country Office, he is responsible for supervising staff, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and assisting the Country Director on activities related to AICAD public relations.